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We are able to prepare your records on monthly or quarterly basis Inform owners require financial information .  We  are here to help. We understand the needs of business that why we offer this service.

We want to save you money, therefore we will get the job done quickly and efficiently, meaning less time spent on bookkeeping. With us taking care of books will allow you to focus on your business. With our years of experience we will  structure your books so that it will provide you with the maximum feedback on your business results.

Business Financing

We prepare business plans to acquire financing. The sources of financing include chartered banks (small loans) Business  Development  Bank and private sources.  The perception that many  owners have  that financing means taking whatever money you can get, the faster and easier you can get it the better. Unfortunately, the approach doesn’t  take into account the fact that getting money involves a variety of considerations, financial, and non –financial, good  and bad. This is where we can help. We can prepare a detail  business plan to get  you the help you  need.

Financial Budgets

The  majority  of small medium business   owners’ fail to  develop  budgets, Budgets are a necessary part of life, is your business any differing?. Budgeting is   essential   financial   management system that is uses to operate  a  business. Brooks & Co can create   a  customized  road – map to help your business reach its financial goals.

Business Registration

We will work with you to register your company to become a sole proprietorship, partnership or incorporation.If you doing business in Ontario as a sole –proprietor, within a partnership, or simple wish to register a business name to your existing corporation , you may do so  by contacting us to get it done for you . For  information on how to contact us visit our contact  page.

Individual Tax Consultation

We work with you to file your personal income tax return to ensure compliance with provincial and federal tax laws while maximizing your refund amount. We also offer year round customer support to ensure our customers feel at ease.

Corporate Restructuring

Our consultants will work closely with management to redefine the key success factors and implement quantifiable tools of measurement for your business.

Tax Court

We represent our client regarding income tax or sale tax (HST) audit related problems. We also will appeal Revenue Canada Assessments through the appeals tax court. We will prepare relevant documents, and present on your behalf to provide you relief, and ensure your case is handled professionally and in a robust manner.Under the rules of tax court the informal procedure may be invoked in appeal where for each assement, the amount of federal  tax  involved, plus applicable penalties, is equal to or less that $ 12,000.  In the case loss determination,  the amount in dispute must be more than  $ 24,000, and where the dispute is in respect of amount of interest only, the threshold  is $ 12,000.

Succession Planning

Transferring or selling your assets(business) without a plan increases your tax burden. We are able to offer professional advice on effective transfer of business control and issues involved to maximize value Minimize tax consequence on transferring ownership of shares, assets and wealth.

Tax Credit Application

HST Recovery consultation and review

25% recovery


SR & ED Science Research and Experimental

Developmental  Tax credit

25% recovery

ODMTC – Ontario Interactive Digtal Media Tax credit

25% recovery


CPTC  Canadian

Film or Video Production Tax credit

25% of revovery

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