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Tax Credit Application

Brooks & Company specialize in all areas of small to medium size accounting and tax services for individuals and small business.

Tax Credit Application Services

Explore Tax Credit Application services at Brooks & Company. We specialize in helping you recover tax credits, including HST Recovery, SR & ED Tax Credit, ODMTC, and CPTC. Take advantage of these opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities and maximize your returns. Let us navigate the complexities of tax credit applications to benefit your business.

HST Recovery consultation and review

25% recovery


SR & ED Science Research and Experimental

Developmental  Tax credit

25% recovery

ODMTC – Ontario Interactive Digtal Media Tax credit

25% recovery


CPTC  Canadian

Film or Video Production Tax credit

25% of revovery

How we can help
  • Unlock opportunities for tax credit recovery.

  • Navigate complex tax credit applications with ease.

  • Reduce tax liabilities and maximize returns effectively.

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